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We often think of spiders as just our arachnid neighbors with eight eyes and tiny, creepy legs, but the truth about spiders goes much deeper than that. Spiders possess several unique, surprising superpowers that make them some of the most fascinating creatures to observe. In this article, we’ll take a look at five of those incredible powers that spiders possess. 1. Spiders Can Fly

Spiders don’t have wings like other flying creatures, but they can actually fly through the air. This process, known as ballooning, involves spiders releasing strands of silk, which catches the wind and lifts them up. This allows them to travel hundreds of miles in just a single day!

2. Spiders Use Silk as a Tool

Spiders don’t just use silk to fly—they also use it as a tool. Spiders can create webs to trap prey, build shelters to protect themselves, and produce egg sacs to guard their eggs. Additionally, spiders use their silk for communication, such as when male spiders tap on the webs of female spiders to initiate courtship rituals.

3. Spiders Can Taste With Their Legs

Spiders don’t have tongues, so they use their legs to taste! Tiny pits located on their legs help them to detect chemical elements in food, which helps them to decide if something is edible or not.

4. Spiders Have Incredible Eyesight

Spiders have incredibly acute eyesight, which allows them to spot prey from far away—even from as far away as 6 feet! Additionally, some spiders have special lenses which give them the ability to see ultraviolet light, allowing them to track their prey even at night.

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5. Spiders Can Survive Without Food For Long Periods

Spiders are able to survive for long periods of time without food, and some species can even survive complete starvation for up to two years! This is due to the fact that spiders have very low metabolic rates and can live off their limited fat reserves until food becomes available.

What other animals have superpowers similar to spiders?

1. Moths: Like spiders, moths have incredible senses of smell and hearing, which allow them to detect predators from miles away. They also have powerful wings that can help them fly for long distances, making them agile and quick.

2. Beetles: Beetles have powerful armor coming in the form of thick shells, which can help them resist predators. They also have a compound eye, which gives them 360-degree vision, as well as strong mandibles that can bite through tough material.

3. Dragonflies: These insects have powerful vision and can spot prey from miles away. They are also incredibly fast and have the ability to hover mid-air with the help of four wings.

4. Geckos: Geckos have a specialized toe structure that gives them incredible stickiness and enables them to cling to almost any surface. They also have adaptive camouflage that helps them hide from predators.

5. Cockroaches: Cockroaches are very fast and agile, enabling them to quickly escape potential predators. They also have a special defense mechanism where they can regurgitate a liquid that smells like citronella to ward off predators.