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Enhancing your garden with dragonflies is a great way to naturally reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home. Dragonflies are voracious predators that attack and eat adult mosquitoes, making them a good, natural mosquito repellent. But how can you attract dragonflies for mosquito control? Read on for information about creating a dragonfly-friendly environment in your garden, including specific plants and aquatic features that will help bring more of the beneficial insects to your area.

Creating a Dragonfly-Friendly Environment

Choose Plants Attractive to Dragonflies

Dragonflies are attracted to plants with flat, umbrella-shaped flowers and leaves that provide shelter and warmth. Plants like eupatorium, stiff aster, butterfly weed and loosestrife are all good dragonfly attractors. Consider adding any of these plants to your garden this summer to increase the likelihood of seeing more dragonflies. Other light-colored and fragrant flowers, such as daisies and zinnias, will also attract dragonflies.

Add Aquatic Features to your Garden

Dragonflies require shallow, slow-moving water for feeding and breeding. Consider adding a small pond or a rain garden to attract dragonflies. The aquatic wildlife will draw in the predatory dragonflies, who need water to lay their eggs. Make sure to keep debris and algae away from the water, which will make the area more attractive to dragonflies.

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Provide Protection from Predators

Similar to mosquitoes, dragonflies are prey to a variety of predators like birds and fish. Provide enough protection from these predators so they can feed in peace. Plant hedges and flowerbeds to break-up their predators’ line of sight. Keep bird feeders away from the area if possible, as they may attract the predators that hunt dragonflies.

Install Artificial Areas for Breeding

Dragonflies mating areas need moist soil that’s free of predators. Install a layer of pebbles or small rocks with a shallow pool of water in your garden to create a perfect breeding grounds for dragonflies. Make sure to keep the water calm and always change it.

Light Up Your Garden

Dragonflies are attracted to soft, diffused light. Install a few dim solar lights in your garden to provide the ideal conditions for dragonflies to feed and breed.

Avoid Pesticides and Chemicals

Chemicals and pesticides are not just dangerous for plants, but can also harm dragonflies. Avoid using these products in your garden as much as possible to protect dragonflies and their larvae.

People Also Ask

What Plants Attract Dragonflies?

Plants with flat, umbrella-shaped flowers and leaves are especially attractive to dragonflies. Examples of such plants include eupatorium, stiff aster, butterfly weed and loosestrife.

What Else Attracts Dragonflies?

Dragonflies are also attracted to small ponds or rain gardens, soft and diffused light, as well as flat areas of moist soil free of predators.

What Colors Attract Dragonflies?

Light-colored and fragrant flowers, such as daisies and zinnias, tend to be especially attractive to dragonflies. A variety of bright and pastel colors can also attract dragonflies.

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Do Dragonflies Bite?

Dragonflies are not known to bite, as their jaws are too weak to break human skin. Instead, they use their long, needle-like proboscis for siphoning up their prey.

Do Dragonflies Eat Mosquitoes?

Yes, dragonflies are voracious predators, and they often feed upon adult mosquitoes. This makes them an effective natural mosquito repellent.

Final Words

Dragonflies are excellent natural predators, and they help to control the mosquito population in and around your home. By creating an environment that is attractive and suitable to dragonflies, you can observe and enjoy the many benefits of having dragonflies in your garden. With proper care, your garden can be an inviting home and haven for both dragonflies and yourself.