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The holidays are a time of joy and cheer, but they can also bring an unwanted guest or two – bugs! Although Christmas trees are festive and picturesque, these evergreens can also be a breeding ground for insects, spiders, and even mites. To ensure that the only members of your family enjoying the holiday cheer are the ones invited, here’s how to avoid bugs in your Christmas tree.


Inspect Tree Before Purchase

Before making a purchase, inspect the Christmas tree thoroughly. Shake the tree and look closely at the branches; if you see a bug or a piece of the web, choose a different tree. Inspecting your tree of choice before buying it will greatly reduce the chances of bringing home an uninvited guest!

Inspect With a White Cloth

Once the tree is taken home, inspect it with a white cloth. If any bugs appear, grab a vacuum cleaner and vacuum off the pests. If some pests don’t want to leave, use tweezers to pick off and discard any bugs you see.

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Use a Bug Spraying treatment

To prevent bugs from taking up residence in the tree, you can use a bug spraying treatment. Spraying the tree with a bug repellent will help in keeping the tree bug-free before any decorations are added.


Dust off Underside Before Bringing Inside

Before bringing your Christmas tree into the home, be sure to dust off any insects that may be on the underside of the tree. Gently and slowly shake the tree, and any pests should quickly fall off.

Decorating Traps

Since Christmas trees come with plenty of decorations and scents, bugs may be lured in. Using traps to fight off pests from making themselves at home in the tree can be effective. Set traps like sticky fly paper underneath the trees to catch any bugs that try to sneak in.

Planting Traps Outdoors

The tree is not the only thing that needs attention. To help prevent bugs from coming near your tree, you can plant traps outdoors. Trim plants and grass that might be too close to the tree.


Use Lightbulbs

Lighting your Christmas tree may also help to keep bugs away. A cool lightbulb, such as an LED one, usually won’t attract bugs in the same way that a warm one does.

Avoid Artificial Decor

Artificial decorations can attract and feed bugs which is why it is best to opt for natural ones. Try to avoid artificial aspects and instead, add ornaments and decorations that will naturally freeze in the cold weather.

Keep Tree Away from Windows

In order to keep bugs away from your tree, it’s also important to place it far away from windows as these can easily encourage them to enter your home. Additionally, avoid having your tree in a room which receives direct sunlight as this will create too pleasant a temperature for them.

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People Also Ask Questions

What Can I Spray on My Christmas Tree To Keep Bugs Away?

You can spray your Christmas tree with bug repellents like Pyrethrin and Cedarcide, or use natural alternatives such as vinegar and tea tree oil.

Where Should I Store My Christmas Tree When Not in Use?

When not in use, store the tree in an outside garage or yard shed that is well ventilated. If proper ventilation is not available, store it somewhere cool and dry, such as a laundry room or basement.

How Can I Keep Bugs Away from the Tree Year-round?

To keep bugs away from your holiday tree year-round, use natural pesticides, check for signs of pests, use proper tree storage, and dust the tree before bringing it inside.

What Should I do if I Find Bugs in My Tree?

If you find bugs in your tree, use tweezers to grab and discard the pest, or vacuum them off of the tree. If possible, also spray the tree with bug repellent.

What Type of Christmas Tree has Fewer Bugs?

Artificial Christmas trees usually have fewer bugs than real trees since bugs are attracted to food and moisture content. Artificial trees are also much less likely to host pests than real trees.

Final Words

With a few simple steps, you can be sure that bugs won’t ruin your holiday decor. Taking preventive measures, such as proper inspection, setting traps, and choosing a tree that is less likely to host pests are all effective ways to keep bugs away. Whether your tree is real or artificial, following these tips should ensure that the only holiday cheer comes from those invited to your home.