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Pest control technicians play an important role in eradicating various pests and preventing infestations. They identify pests, design strategies for controlling re-infestations, and enforce the strategies for a pest free environment. Becoming a pest control technician requires completing educational and hands-on training, holding certifications from relevant state organizations, and following safety regulations to perform the duties properly. Keep on reading to learn more about how to become a Pest Control Technician.

Required Education and Training

Educational Requirements

Pest technicians require a High School Diploma or GED. Further, it is advantageous to hold an Associate’s degree in the field of pest extermination or completion of an accredited program. Educational programs help technicians become familiar with the pest species, their habitat and lifecycle. This will help them understand the process of pest removal and extermination better.

Hands-On Training

After completing the education, Pest Control Technicians must get hands-on training with experienced technicians. This will allow them to practice the techniques they have learnt while working with experienced professionals who can guide them.


All standards and policies requirement can vary depending on the state. Usually, pest technicians need to pass an examination and register with the regulatory authority of the state in order to practice in the respective area.

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Skills Required from a Professional Pest Control Technician

Logical Thinking Skills

A Pest Control Technician needs to think logically and analyze the environmental conditions to identify possible pest infestation sites as well as potential breeding sites for the same.

Knowledge of chemicals

Further, knowledge of the types of chemicals used for pest extermination and the ability to use them safely is important. Safe use of chemicals is the most important factor in order to prevent any damage to the environment or harm to humans.

Communication Skills

Pest Control Technicians need to possess good communication skills in order to convey the required information to the customers properly. They need to educate the customers about the risks underlying infestations and the process of pest extermination.

Prerequisites before Becoming a Pest Control Technician

Knowledge About the Legal Limitations & Restrictions

The legal requirements and restrictions vary from state to state. It is important for the Pest Control Technician to understand the local regulations such as about the use of chemicals and the necessary protocols to follow for pest extermination.

Calculate the sustainability factor

The technicians need to assess the sustainability aspects of the service in order to reduce the negative environmental impact of chemicals used. An understanding of the environmental factors is essential for formulating appropriate extermination strategies.

Tools, technologies and supplies

The technician needs to have access to the appropriate tools, technologies and supplies necessary for pest extermination. This requires careful selection and budgeting to ensure efficient execution of the pest control procedures in the best possible way.

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People Also Ask

Q: What qualifications do you need to be a Pest Control Technician?

A: A high school diploma or GED, an Associate’s degree in pest extermination or completion of an accredited program and the necessary certifications from relevant state organizations are the qualifications needed to become a pest control technician.

Q: How much do Pest Control Technicians earn?

A: According to the BLS, the median annual salary for Pest Control Technicians is $36,310. The salary may depend on the location, experience and industry.

Q: How do I become a certified Pest Control Technician?

A: After the completion of educational and hands-on training, pest technicians must hold certifications from relevant state organizations in order to be certified as a Pest Control Technician.


Becoming a Pest Control Technician is a rewarding and exciting career path for those interested in pest control and extermination. It requires Education, Training, Licensing and other skills, along with knowledge about legal regulations, tools, technologies and sustainability. With dedication, skill and perseverance, one can succeed and make a successful career in the field of Pest Control Technician.