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With the weather getting colder, the fear of mosquitos often wavers. However, many homeowners are surprised to learn that mosquito control is something that needs attention even in the winter. Mosquitoes can become a nuisance in any season, and with a few smart strategies, even cold weather won’t protect you from dealing with them. In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth look at how to manage mosquito control even in the winter.

Mosquito Prevention & Control Tips

Ensure All Breeding Sites Are Eliminated

Colder temperatures may discourage adult mosquitos from flying around, but their eggs can remain intact when submerged in water. Homeowners should check their property for any potential bodies of standing water. This can include kiddie pools, bird baths, gutters, sprinkler buckets and other water-filled pits. Mosquito larvae need water to survive, so eliminating this potential breeding site is crucial.

Make Sure Windows and Doors Are Properly Sealed

When cold air enters a home, warm air follows it out, causing outside air to circulate. Even a tiny gap in a window or door can allow outside air to come in, including mosquitos. Making sure that all windows and doors are properly sealed helps prevent chilly drafts and pesky bugs from entering the home.

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Choose Appropriate Lighting and Insecticides

Using bright lights at night can attract mosquitos, so homeowners should choose warm, yellow lighting for outdoors. Additionally, using insecticides approved for mosquito control helps to eliminate any adult mosquitos that are lingering around.

Keep Up With Timely Home Maintenance

Keeping up with regular home maintenance can help prevent the risk of standing water and mosquito infestations. Draining gutters and fixing roof leaks are two ways to ensure water doesn’t accumulate on a property.

Install a Professional Mosquito Control System

For those wanting additional protection, a professional mosquito control system can provide reliable year-round protection. These systems use an efficient misting system to disperse an insecticide around the property that targets pests, such as mosquitos.

People Also Ask

Do mosquitoes hibernate in the winter?

No, mosqutios do not hibernate in the winter. Most adult mosquitos will die when the temperatures drop, but their eggs remain unharmed and can still hatch once temperatures rise again.

Do mosquitoes come out in the winter?

Mosquitoes can appear in the winter, especially during warm days. However, when temperatures drop, most mosquitos will die from the cold and won’t return until the weather starts getting warmer again.

What temperature do mosquitoes die at?

Most mosquitos are unable to survive temperatures below 45.8°F (7.7°C). Those living in colder climate zones may not be able to survive temperatures below 50°F (10°C).

How to get rid of mosquitoes in winter?

Homeowners should check their property for any potential standing water, and make sure all windows and doors are properly sealed. Yellow lighting can also help deter mosquitos, as well as using insecticides that are approved for mosquito control.

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What do mosquitoes do in the winter?

Most adult mosquitos will die in colder temperatures, but their eggs are known for surviving the winter and will hatch when the weather begins to warm up again. This is why mosquito control is necessary even in the winter.

Final Words

Mosquito control is a must year-round, and while the colder temperatures may keep them away, there are still a few measures that need taking to prevent them from finding their way into the home. Ongoing prevention practices and a professional mosquito control system can help reduce and even eliminate the risks of facing indoor and outdoor mosquito infestations, even in the winter.