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It’s that time of year again. Stink bugs – that peculiar and persistent insect – have come back around. They’re an inevitable part of summer and fall for many, but knowing what to do about the little pests can mean the difference between an unvented invasion or a contained problem. Read on to find out what a few of your options are when it comes to dealing with stink bugs.


Preventing the bugs from ever entering your home or yard is always the best course of action. Start by sealing up any cracks or ducts under eaves or in windows and doors that could offer stink bugs pest a way inside. You can also use insect screens to seal off any open entryways or removable screens made to fit your particular window shape and size. Additionally, use fans when possible to sweep away any insects that might be lingering or make you home less attractive for stink bugs by removing any lights around the house or patio.


The use of kinder sprays, foggers and flea bombs placed inside and outside around windows, doors and other access points can usually help to keep stink bugs at bay. There are a variety of sprays and foggers with different levels of effectiveness. If you’re going this route, make sure to read the directions and follow noting whether the product is for indoor or outdoor use and with what type of sprayer to use for best results.

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Killing Them

For those seeking a bit of satisfaction after a bug setback, there are a variety of options. Vacuuming up any bugs you might find or using something as simple as a paper towel and a squirt of water to anger and trap them are the two most common. When selecting the right vacuum bag, just remember that plastic bags or HEPA filter bags will prevent any stink coming out the other end!


Finally, there are traps available. Traps tend to be specific to the kinds of bugs you’re trying to catch and as such, there are several types you can use specifically for stink bugs. Traps usually consist of an attractant in the form of a light source or smell and a one-way sticky door allowing bugs to enter but not leave.

People Also Ask

What are the most effective stink bug traps?

Stink bug traps that have a light component to them are usually the most effective. Particularly large scale lights emitting UV rays into the night.

How can I keep stink bugs away from my house?

Keeping stink bugs away from your house can be done with regular maintenance on the exterior of your home. Making sure any cracks or entryways to your home or garage are sealed off and by turning off any lights that might attract the insects.

Are stink bugs hazardous?

Stink bugs are not known to carry any disease or to have any direct impact on human health. The only hazard is their smell and the annoyance of having an invasion in your home.

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Can I use bleach to kill stink bugs?

The smell of bleach is powerful and it will often be enough to scare off a stink bug. However, bleach is not strong enough to actually kill the insect by itself.

Do stink bugs bite?

No, stink bugs do not bite in the sense of attacking or feasting on human flesh. They will however,—as the name suggests—release a foul smelling odor as a defense tactic.

Final Words

Stink bugs are annoying but with a little bit of know-how, the bugs can be controlled and prevented from entering your home. Taking some time to regularly check for cracks and seals, turning off lights, and even using a few traps around your house can help keep the bugs away.