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As summer approaches and the scorching hot days keep getting hotter, everyone is looking for ways to keep their yards free from pesky swats. Taking advantage of the warmer days to make some simple changes can not only help to keep mosquitos at bay — but also give your space a different look and feel. By customizing your yard for a more pest-free summer, you’ll be able to enjoy more time outdoors without the hassle of constantly swatting away insects!

1. Change Up Your Outdoor Light Sources

Lighting Up the Night –

Lighting up outdoor areas that don’t necessarily need to be lighted can make them a hotspot for swatting away pesky insects. By using strategically placed light sources that are positioned away from living areas — or even using solar powered lights — you’ll be able to maintain your yard without inviting unwanted pests.

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Bug Zappers –

Bug zappers can be great in theory, but they can also attract more bugs than they repel. If you can, try to keep a bug zapper off and away from any outdoor living or dining space that you may have.

Go Natural –

Lanterns, candles and even fire pits can be great ways to add a bit of ambiance to your outdoor area — without all the bugs. Fire pits and candles will also be effective against mosquitoes, as mosquitoes are less likely to fly into areas with flames and heat.

2. Use Certain Scents to Repel Bugs

Insect Repellant –

Using a store-bought insect repellant along with light sources can be the perfect combination for keeping your yard swat free during the summer. Not only will the bug spray offer an extra layer of protection, but they can also help to hide any light sources that could draw swats to your home.

Certain Plants –

Using certain plants like marigolds, lavender, and rosemary can help keep swat away from your yard. Marigolds and lavender both emit a unique smell that can help to deter swats, while rosemary can provide a delicious scent when it’s burned.

Essential Oils –

If you’re looking for a more natural solution, try using other essential oils like eucalyptus and lemon. Both of these have natural insect repelling properties and can provide a pleasant scent when burned or diffused outside.

3. Change Your Garden Layout

Reduce the Standing Water –

Standing water is a major culprit when it comes to swatting and staying swat free. By reducing the amount of standing water in your garden, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of swat-friendly zones in your yard.

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Use Stones, Pebbles or Mulch –

Using materials like stones, pebbles or mulch can help to deter swat. By reducing the amount of open soil in your garden, you’ll be able to reduce the number of spots they can be attracted to.

Limit the Accessibility –

Limiting the areas swats can access is key when it comes to keeping them away from your garden. By planting tall shrubs around the perimeter of your garden, you’ll be able to reduce the open and swat-friendly zones.

4. Choose the Right Plant Combinations

Bright Colored Plants –

Bright and vibrant flowers and plants can help to deter swat, as they are more likely to be attracted to darker and less eye-catching flowers. Adding bright flowering plants like Dahlias and Zinnias can not only add a pop of color — but also keep swat away!


Using herbs in your garden can be a great way to not only repel swat — but add some delicious flavors to your dishes. Adding strong scented herbs like oregano and mint can help to deter swat, as the strong smells can be overwhelming for them.

Non-Insect Friendly Plants –

Adding non-insect friendly plants can also help to deter swat from your garden. Plants like rue, tansy and citronella can not only help to repel swat, but also add a beautiful touch to your garden.

People Also Ask

What are the best plants to repel mosquitoes?

Plants like Marigolds, Lavenders, Rosemary, Rue, Tansy and Citronella are all great natural ways to deter swats.

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Are bug zappers good at keeping mosquitos away?

Bug zappers can be great in theory, but they can actually attract more bugs than they repel.

Are there any natural ways to repel swat?

Yes, essential oils like eucalyptus, lemon, lavender and rosemary can also help to repel swat.

Can I use lights outside to repel swat?

Yes, if you strategically place your light sources away from living areas, you can help to keep swat away from your yard.

What plants can help to keep swat away?

Herbs like oregano and mint are great at deterring swat, as their strong smells can be overwhelming for these pesky insects.

Final Words

Swat can make your summer days unbearable, but it doesn’t have to be that way. By making some simple changes to your yard — such as changing your light sources, adding certain scents and even planting certain flowers — you’ll be able to enjoy more time outdoors without swatting away insects all day long. So go ahead and customize your yard for swat free summer days — you won’t be disappointed!