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With spring comes warmer weather, longer days, and an increased chance of an infestation. While you may not think of it immediately, learning a few simple preventative measures now can help save you the headache of a pest infestation later. In this article, we will discuss common spring pests and provide ten helpful tips on how to prevent an infestation before it starts.

1. Understanding Spring Pests


Insects are are the most common pests that you’re likely to encounter in spring and summer. These can be anything from fleas and ticks to ants, bees, and more. It is important to be aware of which insects are likely to invade your property during the spring season and to understand what steps you need to take to keep them away.


Rodents are another extremely common pest that are known for nesting in homes and yards in the springtime. Common examples will be mice, rats, and squirrels. It can be difficult to keep these animals away, so it’s important to know what steps you need to take to prevent an infestation or at least reduce its size.

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Birds are also a common pest in the springtime. Whether they are nesting near your home, or trying to peck at your seedlings, they can be a nuisance. It is important to be aware of the steps you can take to protect your home and garden from these pests.


There are many other pests that can also pose a threat in the springtime. These include amphibians, reptiles, and even larger mammals such as raccoons and opossums. It is important to be aware of these creatures and to know the steps you need to take in order to protect your property from these pests.

2. Tips for Keeping Spring Pests Away

Keep Your Yard Clean and Tidy

It is important to keep your yard clean and clutter-free. This will make it harder for pests to hide away and create a home. Be sure to clean up any fallen leaves or branches and pay attention to and remove any standing water a pond or fountain.

Check Your Outdoor Fixtures

Inspect your outdoor fixtures, such as porch posts and patio furniture, to look for any signs of pest damage. If there is, you should address it quickly. You should also inspect the boundaries of your property to see if any cracks or gaps are forming, and dip those gaps immediately.

Regularly Check Outdoor Food Sources

If you feed your pets or birds, you should keep a close eye on their food sources and clean up any leftovers as soon as possible. This will help prevent pests from taking advantage of the available food.

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Install Fencing and Gates

Installing a fence or gate around your property is another great way to keep pests away. This will also help keep children and pets safe. A fence or gate is also a great way to keep larger pests, such as raccoons, out as well.

Keep Your Home Pest Free

It is important to regularly inspect your home for signs of a pest infestation. Check for any droppings, gnaw marks, or holes in walls and ceilings. If you find any of these, be sure to take care of them quickly.

Properly Store Your Garbage

Finally, it is important to store your garbage properly. Make sure to store your garbage in tightly sealed containers and to empty it out often. This will help keep pests from being attracted to your garbage.

People Also Ask

What Are the Most Common Spring Pests?

The most common spring pests include insects such as fleas, ticks, and ants, rodents such as mice and rats, and birds.

How Can I Prevent Pest Infestations in the Spring?

To prevent pest infestations in the spring, it is important to keep your yard clean and free of clutter, regularly check outdoor fixtures and food sources, install fencing and gates, keep your home pest free, and properly store garbage.

Is It Important to Keep Ticks Away from My Home in the Spring?

Yes, it is very important to keep ticks away from your home in the spring. Ticks can cause serious health risks, so it is best to take any necessary precautions to keep them away.

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When Should I Start Checking for Pests?

It is best to start checking for pests early in the spring season, before an infestation can take hold.

Can I Use Natural Products to Keep Pests Away?

Yes, natural products such as essential oils or garlic can be used to help repel pests. However, it is important to note that these products are not always a reliable method of pest prevention.

Final Words

Prevention is key when it comes to spring pests. Taking the time to understand what pests are likely to show up and implementing a few simple strategies now can save you time and money down the line. With just a little bit of effort, you can be prepared for whatever spring has in store.