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Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes are attracted to certain colors more than others? Many individuals are surprised to learn that the colors we wear and our surroundings can have a direct impact on how many mosquitoes we attract. In this article, you will find out what colors attract mosquitoes and what you can do to keep them away.

What Colors Do Mosquitoes See?

Mosquitoes can see colors very differently than humans. They are most attracted to the colors blue, white, yellow, and ultraviolet. These colors are visible to the female mosquito’s eye, which allows them to differentiate between warm and cool surfaces.


Ultraviolet light is the brightest light in the visible spectrum. It is one of the colors that attracts mosquitoes the most. Surprisingly, ultraviolet light is not even visible to humans. This means we don’t usually think about this color when choosing our clothing and decor.


Blue is the most visible color in the light spectrum to the female mosquito. This color has the power to attract these insects from the farthest point. In addition, a combination of blue and white is especially attractive to male mosquitoes as it can be used to decipher potential mates.

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White is the second most visible color to the mosquito’s eye. Just like blue, white is also used by male mosquitoes to separate genders. This color is often found in the background of many objects, which makes it easier for mosquitoes to spot.


Yellow is the third most visible color to a mosquito and is mainly used by female mosquitoes to find potential mates. Yellow is often seen in the clothing and other items that humans wear, which is why mosquitoes tend to be attracted to this color.

Do Dark Colors Attract Mosquitoes?

Dark colors like black, brown and red are not very attractive to mosquitoes. Unlike other colors, dark colors are not easily seen by the female mosquito’s eye. This means that dark colors don’t have the same attraction power as the colors mentioned above.

How Can You Keep Mosquitoes Away?

As we know, certain colors can attract mosquitoes. But what can you do to prevent them from coming near you? The first thing you can do is to avoid wearing light colors such as white and yellow. You can also make sure to keep your surrounding free of any standing water and overgrown bushes. Mosquitoes need these places to breed, so by keeping your area free of standing water, you can prevent them from coming near you.

Other Methods to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Other methods to keep mosquitoes away include using repellents containing DEET and citronella spray. You can also light citronella candles in your garden or balcony to prevent mosquitoes from coming near you. Lastly, you can install insect screens on your windows and doors to stop any mosquitoes from coming in.

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People Also Ask

What Is the Best Color to Wear to Avoid Mosquitoes?

The best colors to wear in order to avoid mosquitoes are dark colors like black, brown and red, as they are not easily visible to female mosquitoes.

What Is the Difference between Male and Female Mosquitoes?

Male and female mosquitoes are different in the sense that female mosquitoes are attracted to colors like ultraviolet, blue, white, and yellow, while male mosquitoes are attracted to a combination of blue and white.

Do Mosquitoes Have Good Eyesight?

Yes, mosquitoes have a good eyesight and are particularly attracted to colors like blue, white, yellow, and ultraviolet.

Do Mosquitoes Like Light?

Mosquitoes are attracted to brighter colors like blue and white, but they don’t prefer extremely bright light.

Do Colors Affect Mosquitoes Attraction?

Yes, colors can affect mosquitoes attraction. The colors that attract the most are ultraviolet, blue, white, and yellow.

Final Words

Mosquitoes are a pesky threat in the summer months and it turns out that the colors we wear can have an impact on how many mosquitoes we attract. By avoiding light colors and wearing darker colors, as well as using repellents, we can reduce our risk of getting bitten. With these tips, you can protect yourself from these pesky insects and enjoy a mosquito-free summer.