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Mosquitoes are pesky blood-sucking creatures commonly found in warm places. They have a unique way of finding their prey and to make matters worse, they are successful in doing so. So, how do mosquitoes find you? In this article, we will discuss the different methods that mosquitoes use to find their victims and how you can fend off against these pesky creatures.

The Sense of Sight

Mosquitoes use their sense of sight to detect potential victims. As they are attracted to dark colors like black, they are more likely to target people who are wearing darker colors. People wearing lighter colors, such as white or beige, are less likely to be noticed by mosquitoes as they can’t see them easily.

CO2 Emission

Mosquitoes are able to detect humans through the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions they produce. Humans exhale CO2 through their breath and as mosquitoes are very sensitive to this gas, they can easily spot a potential victim from a long distance. Additionally, their sense of smell also helps them make an accurate assessment of the location of the source of CO2 emitting from the human.

Body Heat

Mosquitoes also use their sense of heat to detect a human host. Since humans have a higher body temperature than the rest of their surroundings, mosquitoes can detect this slight change in infrared radiation emission and thus find people to sting.

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Other Factors

Apart from the sense organs of sight, smell, and heat, mosquitoes are also attracted to other factors such as lactic acid and octenol present in human sweat. Thus, people who tend to sweat more are more likely to attract mosquitoes. Additionally, the buildup of moisture in a particular area also tends to attract mosquitoes.


While it is impossible to avoid mosquitoes altogether, there are certain methods that can help prevent them from being attracted to you. Wearing light-colored clothing can help as mosquitoes can’t easily spot you and using mosquito repellents such as citronella candles or lemon eucalyptus oil can also help. You can also install mosquito nets on windows and doors, or use fans to drive away mosquitoes.

People Also Ask

What Type of Odors Attract Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are particularly attracted to smells such as human sweat, lactic acid, and body odors.

Do Mosquitoes Like Perfume?

The presence of perfumes and body lotions may help mask the presence of human sweat and lactic acid and thus, can reduce the risk of mosquito stings.

What Color Attracts Mosquitoes The Most?

Dark colors such as black attract mosquitoes the most.

How Far Can Mosquitoes Smell?

Mosquitoes can detect CO2 emissions up to 100 meters away.

How Far Can Mosquitoes See?

Mosquitoes can see up to a distance of 20 meters.

Final Thoughts

Mosquitoes are pesky blood-sucking parasites that use an array of senses to locate their victims. While it is impossible to completely prevent mosquitoes from biting you, following certain preventive measures such as wearing light-colored clothing and using mosquito repellents can greatly reduce the chances of being stung by them.