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Mosquitoes can be an incredibly annoying presence in our lives, and some can even spread certain diseases. Understanding their behavior, what attracts them and what doesn’t can help us keep them away. An important factor in this context is temperature. So, what temperature kills mosquitoes? To answer this question, let’s explore the effect of temperature on mosquitoes.

What is the Ideal Temperature for Mosquitoes?

Ideal Temperature for Mosquito Breeding

Mosquito breeding is most successful in warm temperatures. Generally, mosquitoes thrive in temperatures ranging from 80°F to 93°F. In these temperatures, female mosquitoes can lay a high number of eggs in standing water and they can easily survive. If a mosquito lays the eggs in temperatures colder than the ideal range, the survival rate of the eggs is greatly lowered, leading to fewer mosquitoes.

Ideal Temperature for Mosquito Feeding

The ideal temperature also plays an important role in mosquito feeding. Mosquitoes prefer to feed in temperatures of 80°F and higher. They use the warmth of the environment to digest their meals, so they are less likely to eat in colder temperatures. They are also slower and less active in cooler temperatures, which can make them easier to avoid.

Maximum Temperature

Mosquitoes cannot survive in temperatures above 113°F. Therefore, if the temperature reaches this level, any mosquito that comes in contact with it will die within a matter of minutes. This high temperature does not only kill adult mosquitoes, but it also destroys their eggs.

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Minimum Temperature

The minimum temperature that kills mosquitoes is 32°F and below. If the temperature drops to this level, mosquitoes will enter a hibernation-like state, known as diapause. While in diapause, they will not feed or lay eggs, so the population of mosquitoes will diminish significantly. However, they are still able to survive during the colder months and will become active again when the temperature increases.


Knowing the ideal temperature range and the exact temperatures that kill mosquitoes is essential for understanding how to keep them away. If the temperature is lower than 32°F, they will enter diapause and stop breeding. On the other hand, when the temperature is higher than 113°F, all mosquitoes will die. Therefore, avoiding any extreme temperatures is the best way to control the mosquito population and get rid of them from your environment.