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It’s no surprise that kids and animals alike will flock towards outdoor playhouses, but did you know that wasps like to get in on the fun, too? Wasp nests are a common attraction to outdoor playhouses because of the sunny, warm environment that most playhouses provide. In this article, we’ll discuss why wasps are so attracted to playhouses and what you can do to deter them from setting up shop near your playground.

1. What Makes playhouses Attractive to Wasps?

A wasp’s main purpose is to build their nest, and the material from wood or plastic playhouses make the perfect building supplies. The wasps will use the material they find to build their nests, with the majority of nests sitting in a sheltered spot, such as the underside of the playhouse roof. The sunny and dry environment of a playhouse also makes it an ideal spot for a wasp to set up shop.

Sunlight and Warmth

The heat of the sun and the warmth of the summer months make playhouses a great place for wasps to congregate and build nests. With radiant heat and a stable environment, wasps can call these playhouses their home.

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Building Materials

The wood and plastic playhouses often found outdoors provide the perfect material for wasps to build their nests. The materials used for playhouses can easily be broken down and used for wasps to build strong yet light walls up to 40 cm high.

2. Signs of a Wasp Nest in a Playhouse

If there is a wasp nest in a playhouse, it is likely that you will observe that one or more wasps are flying in and out of it. You may also see the wasps bringing in supplies, such as wood chips, leaves or bits of grass or sticks, to build the nest. If you open the playhouse door, you may also hear a loud buzzing coming from the nest.

Sightings of Wasps

If you see wasps flying in and out of a playhouse at the same time over a few days, it is likely there’s a nest inside.

Building Materials

Wasps may be bring in supplies such as wood chips, grass and sticks to the playhouse if there’s a nest present. It is likely that you may also find sawdust-like material outside the playhouse if wasps are using it to build their nest.


When the playhouse is open and a wasp nest is present, you may hear an audible buzzing coming from inside. This noise is produced by the wasps and indicates that them are inside the playhouse.

3. How to Prevent a Wasp Nest in a Playhouse

If there are wasps near your playhouse, the best thing to do is to make the area around your playhouse less attractive to them. Here are a few steps you can take to deter wasps from setting up shop:

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Keep Playhouse Closed

The simplest way to prevent wasps from entering your playhouse is to keep it closed. This should reduce contact between the wasps and the playhouse.

Clean the Playhouse

If you clean the area around the playhouse, this can help prevent wasps from gathering. Also, removing any old food and drink containers will help to deter wasps from the vicinity.

Install Wasp Deterrents

If you install wasp-repelling devices or traps near the playhouse, this can help to keep the wasps away. You can also use sprays specifically designed to repel wasps, but caution should be taken when using such products.

4. People Also Ask

Is it dangerous to have a wasp nest in a playhouse?

Yes, it can be dangerous to have a wasp nest near a playhouse if you are allergic to their stings. It is important to take all necessary steps to keep the playhouse wasp-free.

What kind of materials do wasps use to build their nests?

Wasps use natural materials such as wood chips, leaves, grass and sticks to build their nests. They may also use material found in playhouses, such as wood and plastic.

Can wasps get inside a playhouse?

Yes, wasps can get inside a playhouse if there are any openings, not matter how small. It is best to keep the playhouse closed at all times to prevent wasps from entering.

What can I do to keep a wasp nest from forming in my playhouse?

You can keep the playhouse closed, clean the area around your playhouse and install wasp repellents to keep a wasp nest from forming.

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Wasp nests are a common attraction to outdoor playhouses due to the materials found there, the warm and sunny environment and the sheltered spot that they provide. If you notice wasps collecting in your playhouse, it is best to take measures to prevent them from building a nest. Keeping the playhouse closed, cleaning the area around it and installing wasp deterrants will help keep your outdoor playarea wasp-free.